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Bored [26 Sep 2005|11:44am]
[ mood | bored ]

LJ Interests meme results

  1. brad warner:
    Brad Warner is the author of the book Hardcore Zen, which introduced me to the type of Zen Buddhism I now practice. He is an amazing person, and his book changed my life. If you talk to me on a regular basis you'll catch me quoting his book quite a bit. "Question authority. Question society. Question reality. But you've got to take it all the way: Question punk authority. Question punk society. Question your own ules and question your own values. Question Zen society. Question Zen authority. Question other people's views on reality and question your own." Everyone should read his book, doesnt matter what you belive in... it will open your eyes to reality. Borrow it from me if you have to. OH and he has a new book coming out soon! YAY
  2. england:
    Well... this is self explanitory... I like England. I want to live there... yeah... thats it. LOL
  3. ghosts:
    Hunting ghosts is what I did this past summer, no seriously! Me and Jimmy and Todd and Seth and some other people, we went hunting ghosts at the barn quite a bit. I even made a yahoo group... I know... I'm a dork.
  4. japan:
    I want to go here... if just once. The culture is amazing. And I don't mean just the pop culture. (which I want to experience as well) I would love to do zazen in a Zen Buddhist temple in Japan. And see everything.... And meet Brad Warner... He lives in Tokyo...
  5. mean girls:
    One of my many favorite movies. Uhm... its funny. Actually one of the only "teen" movies that I own. So... yeah... thats it
  6. one.org:
    You all should have heard of one.org. Especially over the summer. LiveEight and everything. Its and orginization whose goal is to eliminate poverty and AIDS, mainly in 3rd world countries but here too. Thats the only rubber braclet I wear... and I dont wear it as a fashion statment.... if you havent noticed everywhere is now selling rubber arm bands and it gets on my nerves. At least I know my shows what I stand for....
  7. rufus wainwright:
    Rufus Wainwright is my god... LOL He is an extremely talented singer/songwriter. Everyone should listen to his music. Its amazing, not to mention hes totally hot! Oh, and hes gay :( But he is very involved in gay rights, so thats cool!
  8. taproot:
    Taproot is a band I like.... thats it, I dont really know anything about them.
  9. the streets:
    The Streets are a British rap/electronica group. Their music is pretty different. It sounds like crap the first time you hear it, but it'll grow on you. Their newest CD tells about a week in the lead singers life... its really cool! Plus, its British, so its double cool!
  10. travel:
    I like to travel, thats why its on my interests. I want to travel the whole world eventually. See everything and study all culutres. Yep

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How much do I hate Philosophy? Oh let me tell you.... [26 Sep 2005|11:07am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

How much do I hate it? Oh, words cannot describe..... I skipped it today to catch up on some reading in it and another class.... But when I'm reading the reserve matterial for phil. I find something that really annoys me. This huge long paper that we're supposed to read makes no sense.... Its talking about whether men were equal in the state of innoncence... now maybe I missed this in class but first of all I have no idea what the state of innocence is reffering to. Secocnd... this paper doesnt even try to hint at what it is.. it just rambles about stuff.... every paragraph starts with "Further, blah blah blah" Ok, here is the 3rd paragraph... just bare with me, I'm making my point. "Further, the cause ceasing, the effect also ceases. But the cause of present inequality among men seems to arise, on the part of God, from the fact that some, through a defect of natrue, are born weak and deficient, others strong and perfect, which would not have been the case in the primitive state. Therefore, etc." It says Therefore, etc!?!?! WTF?! Can I use that in the 2 million papers I have to write this semester?! I HATE PHILOSOPHY! I thought I wasn't gonna have trouble with this class... I mean, I like to think about things like God and morality... but... god.... Dr. Brown is a horrible prof. He doesnt explain things.... I'm pretty sure the rest of my class is just as lost as I am. Anyways... back to this stupid stupid paper. I stared it... might as well finish it.

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Oops [13 Sep 2005|10:59am]
[ mood | blah ]

Ok, let me rephrase my last entry. Lol... Mike Marshall is not the only one who has been posting (his entries pretty much took over my friends page though)... Larn also posts! Yay Larn! haha... better? Oh, and I HATE SOCIAL PSYC! god.. why did I let Erich talk me into taking that class... "Jen, take this with me, Toby will be in there, it will be fun." Yeah, its fun if your a psyc major! Me and Toby are like... uhhhh.... we've never had even a psyc intro course... wtf are we doing in an upper division class?! Anyways, done ranting. The Fray's CD comes out today! Go buy it bitches! lol I hope Union City has it.... 'cause iTunes didnt load it :( heh.. speaking of iTunes... Toby broke his iPod... hehehe... ok, enough now bye

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What? I still have LJ?! [12 Sep 2005|04:55pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

So I have forgoten all about livejournal, myspace has taken up all of my internet time as of late. So I get on here to check up on things, and notice that the only person whos really been updating is Mike Marshall (who prolly doesnt even remember me!) But just incase anyone decides to read this, I'm back at UTM for my 3rd year. If I survive this semester it will be a miricle.... between social research methods, social psyc, and social deviance I have about 100 pages of papers I have to write before december... gah... kill me now! Anyways... to all my LJ friends: I have not forgoten about you! I promise! I've found most of you on myspace actually! Well, its time to go meet erich for dinner. I hope you all are doing well! I will talk to you all soon! I still have the same AIM if anyone wants to chat, jenhytt Bye guys

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So I guess I'll update [19 May 2005|02:47pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

So I thought I was gonna go see Star Wars with a couple people, but obviously not. Neither of them have called me, and it seems that some have already made plans. (I'm not mad about that, just annoyed with someone) I hear it sucks though. The game it cool, the clips do seem to show the horrible acting, however. So I dunno if I will actually go see it in theater. I'll prolly wait a few weeks at least. Well, I must go. Have to do something to keep myself from being bored. bye

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ok.. i'm stupid [09 May 2005|09:35am]
[ mood | calm ]

So.. I tired to do that lj-cut thing... and for some reason I couldn't get it to work... no matter what I did to it... so i've determined I'm stupid! LOL I dont wanna go home tomorrow!!!!!!! UGH

Heres a cute pic of 'Drea and Nick

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I think that should be small enough that it wont bother anyone's friends page.

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A tribute to my Martin friends! (kinda) [06 May 2005|09:02am]
[ mood | happy ]

Well, I just took the French exam... not too terribly bad... I hope. O.o we'll see... The past few days have been a blast! I'm gonna miss all my Martin friends way too much, so you guys are gonna have to come visit! Or I will kidnapp you all!! As Rachel said, I've spent most of the past like... 3 or 4 days with her and Nick. Its been a blast! The three of us should have started hanging out last semester! Gosh! Now.... for pics of everyone!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Rachel and Nick "he went that way!"

Image hosted by Photobucket.comWal-Mart at midnight... B-I-N-G-O

Image hosted by Photobucket.comHehe... its Jeremy at my house!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI just love this pic of Rachel.... hehe

Image hosted by Photobucket.comBobby and Rachel at the park!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comErich and Bobby playing pool!

OK... i'm done.. sorry for taking up so much room... i was just bored.... and my friends make me happy... hopefully the huge pics arent too big... O.o

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Amityville [27 Apr 2005|11:03pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

YAY! The movie was scary and the company was great! I had a lot of fun, Nick is fun to hang out with. Very funny! And about the movie, if you like horror movies, this one is good. I wouldnt go as far as saying great, but as horror movies go... ya know. Well thats it for now ttyl

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lalala [25 Apr 2005|08:14pm]
[ mood | content ]

So the only real reason I'm updating LJ is 'cause I found new icons that I wanna use! Lol! I've decided that I like the movie Lawrence of Arabia, so I got some icons from it! I'm going to see the new Amityville tonight with Nick. Should be interesting. I've heard its not as good as the original, but I was expecting that. I think its just gonna be interesting seeing it with Nick :-p Well, I'm gonna go now... ttyl!

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Cleaning [12 Apr 2005|10:11pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

So I'm deleting people from my friends list... if I delete you its prolly not because I hate you or anything, just that your journal floods my page or i dont read it regularly or something like that... so please dont get mad at me :) And if i do take you off and you want to be put back on, just leave me a message :) thanks

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You know that funny look you get.... [11 Apr 2005|01:15pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

Gosh... I forgot about livejournal again. Oops... Well, just to update you guys on my life: Stress, stress, stress, stress, and more stress! YAY If one of you would kindly call me on friday, just to make sure I'm still alive, I'd appreciate it! So today, I failed another French test, spent 2 hours in the library trying to finish the book that I have a report due on tomorrow. Then I spent some time thinking about all the crap I have to get done before the end of the semester.... I spent 20 minutes walking around the quad in the rain meditating. Gosh... you get some funny looks from people when you walk around in the pouring rain with no jacket or umbrella with your hands in isshu. (and if you dont know what that is i'll tell u if you're interested) Ok... I've killed enough time. Must go back to my stress now. Talk to you guys later

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The weekend [27 Mar 2005|07:56pm]
[ mood | blank ]

The weekend sucked. Except for today, but thats because today was spent with my second family, the Elkins. It was fun. Came back to school, the weather was kinda scary, but I finally got here. Went to eat at taco bell with Jeremy, it was yummy. Came back to the room, Erich called, went with him so he could eat.... now its story time. I meet him at his truck, hes not wearing his glasses, I offer to drive, he says no its ok. We drive down the road, he wants to go to subway, but its closed, so we're sitting in the turning lane, and hes like well and turns. Well... since hes not wearing his glasses, he apparently cant see that hes not turning into the entrance.... we go onto and almost completly over the sidewalk. And not just on the sidewalk a little ways from the entrance... no he completly missed it by like a mile... ok, not quite, but still it was really far. So that was the scary almost death of Erich and Jen. I now, however, have something to make fun of him for FOREVER! The end

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Livejournal anyone? [23 Mar 2005|04:27pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Well, seeing as how all of my friends are being lazy and sleeping, I might as well update this thing. I dont even know what to say, not really a lot has happened. Just living day by day, as everyone should. Todd came to visit yesterday. It was fun, we hung out with erich, and then today I showed him around campus etc. He left about an hour ago. We have stupid band practice tonight, I dont wanna go. I've barely done anything today... so lazy. I'm ready for summer, even though we just had a week off. Oh well. I need a job that pays me well to be a bum... that would be great! Oh well.. Erich woke up so I have someone to bug now. TTYL

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Served best chilled, Safe with most medication.... [08 Mar 2005|12:12am]
[ mood | high ]

i've discovered that ambient music is really cool, but i feel one needs to be high to get the full enjoyment of it... heh (my insightful thought for the day)

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oh yeah.. i have livejournal.... [07 Mar 2005|01:31pm]
So I kinda forgot about live journal for a while... thanks to myspace. The weekend was alright, started out bad, but it ended up being ok. I'm just really ready for spring break, even if it does mean working. Oh well. Thats it for now, ttyl
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i feel like i'm repeating myself.... [28 Feb 2005|09:20am]
[ mood | sick ]

The only problem of keeping up, or at least trying to keep up, two journals is I feel as if I'm repeating myself a whole lot. So forgive me if you've heard any of this before ^^ Anyways... I skipped French for the first time today, I told myself I never would since its like, hard and stuff... (gah... too much oddtodd.com) But yeah, I just felt like crap this morning when I got up. I drank some water, and now I feel a little better. At least well enough to go take my geography test... ugh. Well... other than that, nothing very eventful has happened. Went to Jeremy's Oscars party last night. It was pretty fun, even if the Oscars were disapointing. Oh well. I'm gonna go now... ttyl

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It finally worked! [24 Feb 2005|09:16pm]



LJ friendsCollage.

Brought to you by pratibha75 and teemus.
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[23 Feb 2005|11:19am]
I am 38% evil.

I could go either way. I have sinned quite a bit but I still have a bit of room for error. My life is a tug of war between good and evil.

Are you evil? find out at Hilowitz.com
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French Lab [22 Feb 2005|02:31pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Well... French lab is officially very boring! hehe. I could be doing my workbook stuff... but I really can't concentrate on it. Me and Erich are going swimming around 4 or 5-ish if anyone would like to join us. I dunno if I really wanna go... but, I already committed, so I guess I have to. Heh.. Oh well :) it'll be good for me. I'm gonna try and find something else to listen to now. Bye for now!

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To everyone on my friends list... [21 Feb 2005|08:18pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Some words of wisdom from the Dalai Lama

"So many of our problems are the result of an overactive imagination." (my favorite quote, if some of you can't tell)

"The purpose of life is happiness, whether you are a believer or a nonbeliever."

"Life's purpose of happiness can be gained only if people cultivate the basic human values of compassion, caring, and forgiveness."

"Its important to realize that we all have the same potential of good and bad, therefore, its important to use the good potential to be a happier human being."

Maybe that will help some of you, I hope...

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